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Soft Partition

Iraq's Partition Fantasy (19 May 2006)

Divide and Rejoice - Why Are Western Intellectuals so Enamoured with the Idea of a Fragmented Iraq? (17 August 2006)

There Is No Biden Plan (27 October 2006)

Other People's Maps (January 2007)

Baghdad Zoo: Why “Gated Communities” Will Face Opposition in the Iraqi Capital (23 April 2007)

Another Bout of Partitionism (19 August 2007)

It Is the Partition of Iraq that Would Be Truly "Artificial" (9 September 2007)

The US Senate Votes to Partition Iraq. Softly. (27 September 2007)

Biden, Bush and the “Moderate Centre” of Iraqi Politics (7 October 2007)

Logical breakdown of Biden’s Iraq plan (10 October 2007)

Nonsense of Congress on Federalism in Iraq (13 December 2007)

Partition Iraq? Imperial Iraq Strategies from Sulayman the Magnificent to Joseph R. Biden (January 2008)

Change the Iraqis Can Believe In? Why Obama–Biden Could Mean More of the Same (Or Maybe Something Worse) (23 August 2008)

No Friends but the Kurds? The Biden Problem in Democratic Iraq Policy (16 September 2008)

Biden’s 700 Years and the Dangerous Road to a “Settlement” in Iraq (3 October 2008)

The End of Soft Partition (20 October 2008)

Biden, US Policy in Iraq and the Concept of Muhasasa (6 July 2009)

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